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The continuing ministry of God's Point of View is to promote the understanding of Historic Orthodox Christianity and to promote the Bible as the only guide to the faith and practice of the Church. Our goal is to support understanding of, and obedience to, the Word of God through articles, e-books and online sermons.

Read a message here from our founder, Rev. D. Earl Cripe about the state of Christianity today.

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God is good and only does good.  He owes no man an accounting and no man could or would understand the accounting if God were to give it.  His ways are beyond us and cannot be found out by man.  True faith is not founded upon having put God to the test and proven Him.  God is God.  One either believes that, or he does not.  God is right.  God makes no mistakes.  Our lives are in the hand of God, but they could not be in better hands.

— Rev. D. Earl Cripe, Ph.D

Spreading the Good News

Supporting Pakistani Ministry Our ministry is helping to support a newly founded church in a remote area of eastern Pakistan. The people there have been eager to hear the Good Word, and we pray the Lord will continue to bless this new body.

Bible Study Materials To date we have given out thousands of Bibles and commentaries on the books of Romans, Ephesians and First, Second and Third John.
Pakistani Christians are in great need for solid Bible study materials in their own local languages, which we are glad to help provide for free.

Bibles Are in Short Supply in Pakistan In 2021 we purchased and began distributing mp3 players with an audio Bible on it, for those who are unable to read a printed Bible. This has been very popular, especially in rural areas of Pakistan, and we hope to be able to purchase and give out more. Please let us know if you are interested in helping purchase more.

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