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Many of these articles are excerpts from some of our Biblical commentaries.
If you're interested in reading more on a subject, check out our books page.

How to be Saved

How is a person saved? What does it mean, and what does a person have to do?

The Great Salvation

The word "salvation" is used a lot in the church today, but few understand the full meaning behind it.

Can a Christian Lose Their Salvation?

Is there a way for the Christian to lose their salvation so they will not go to heaven?


Urgent Issues for the Church

Are Christians supposed to get politically involved to save their nation?

Do Christians really need to obey and submit to all authorities? What does a Christian have to do in order to be obedient to God?

Is America a Christian nation?

Is it past? Is it sometime in the future? Is it now? Is it literal or spiritual? The answer will probably surprise you.

Can America avoid the judgment of God? Does America deserve judgment?


In recent decades Replacement Theology has gotten a black eye. Is it deserved? It is important?

An urgent issue for all Christians today to understand.

Serious Theological Questions

Why is the Cross of Christ a stumblingblock to the Jews and foolishness to the Greeks?


The Bible says Satan had the "power of death". What does that mean, and how did Christ break that power?

How can you define faith? How can you define it in terms of our daily lives?

But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

A common question from all people everywhere. What is God's plan or involvement, if any?

Is it true that all who are baptized are saved?

Are there Commandments to be kept in the New Covenant of Grace? Are the Covenant of the Law and the Law of God the same thing or are they different? Does the Law of God and the Commandments of God still apply to the Church, or are they eliminated by the Cross?

We hear that we need to abide in Christ. But what does it mean and how does it work in our daily lives?

The greatest secret to fruit bearing.

What does the act of prayer mean to you, and more importantly, what does it mean to God?

How should adultery be viewed in the Church today?

This is a serious concern among ministers, lay leaders and individual Christians. What should our attitude be when we realize that no one is really all that interested in listening?

Common Issues or Misunderstandings


Did the Ante-Nicene Fathers teach Pre-Tribulationism and other similar doctrines?

What is the Sabbath, and do Christians have to observe it?

I Corinthians 5:5 says to deliver a sinner unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh.

What does that mean?

The modern Church has done away with the gift of prophecy, but what is it, and is it relevant to us now?

Could all of those things really have happened to Jesus in one night?

Many people are very confused by the many competing theories about this very simple symbol in the book of Revelation.

Does God command believers never to defend ourselves or our families?

Was the the Jews? Was it the Romans? Who is really responsible?

Is this a real thing, and if it is, is it something a Christian should do?

What is St. Paul trying to tell the church in I Corinthians 11?

Is it ok for a Christian to believe in some form of evolution?

When is it acceptable for those in the Church to divorce and remarry?

Is it the Antichrist? Is it someone else? Is it many someone else's?

Does it have something to do with the end times?

Is wine evil? Should we as Christians abstain from alcohol?

Was St. Paul really talking about himself? Could it have been someone else?


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