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2023 Christmas Charity in Pakistan

God's Point of View had a pretty amazing December, where food and clothing and school supplies were given to needy Christian individuals and families in Pakistan.

By our counting, about 650 gifts and/or gift packages were given out this year. The picture shows less than half of those who received something due to the hard work of our partners there.

In some cases, it may have only been some money to help an individual pay their bills, sometimes it was school supplies for children, while in other cases it was new clothing and food for a whole family for a month. The size of this is really amazing for an organization as small as ours. So we would like to thank all our supporters for your generous giving.

Our charity projects will continue throughout the year, but not at this scale. Wintertime is tough, and Christmas time is a good time for this charity to come for people in Pakistan.

Our ministry is mainly focused on the spreading and teaching of the Gospel far and wide. In 2024 we will need to purchase more paper and audio Bibles for Pakistan, as well as have more of our Bible commentaries printed in that country.

We praise the Lord for the work He has given us to do. Thank you all.

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