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Apples of Gold in Pictures of Silver

A Dictionary of Words and Phrases Used in the Religious Dialogue of Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism

The words and phrases in this dictionary are defined in the Historic Orthodox tradition. One could, if he wished, call this a sectarian bias. This would not be entirely accurate, however. Orthodoxy is the interpretation and connotation that was given by the Apostles and the Orthodox Fathers. Such views as Zionism, Calvinism, Evangelical Conservatism, Dialecticism and so forth are actually the sectarian views that have departed from the original Orthodoxy. There are those, as Bruce L. Shelley in Church History In Plain Language, who contend that there was no Orthodoxy before the Eastern and Roman Catholic divisions in the Church. But this view in itself is anomalous to Orthodoxy.

Rev. D. Earl Cripe

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